April 1 – New Month!

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So March went by super quickly. I ended up doing 40hrs of coaching (before I add in protege hours) and with video, email, writing hours…coaching looked like a full time job, lol. And speaking of work, this week is killing me. It will be about a 20hr week by the time it is done. I have done 7hrs of coaching already, and still have 8hrs left to go. I also did 2 videos, ended up scrapping an entire video, and have another video to do, lol. Endless work it feels like sometimes.
I also want to take this time to give a well deserved congrats to my protege program (and honorary member) for a job very well done this month. Things are starting to click and results are starting to show. I am very very happy to see this. While we are by no means finished working and tweaking, I am incredibly proud of the effort and work put into everything thus far. And here I cheers to yet another month of solid progression!
Also finally ended up paying my taxes. Who doesn’t love writing that multi-bankroll check every single year to our favorite government? I randomly decided to do them one night when I was in a funky mood…but I guess it’s whatever it takes. I will say, TurboTax is the shit. Took like no time at all, and I feel relatively comfortable in the “savings” it was able to find. I do find it sad that I never plan on having a year where I get a refund…but it is what it is I suppose.


And with that being said, I am heading to sleep. I am insanely tired and have to be up for my 10a/noon/2p students. Hope all is well!


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