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July is finally over. Managed to give a few points to my team, but due to running like I normally do, I couldn’t do too much. Started this month putting in a few hours, trying to put in way more hands than I have been. I’m trying to put in longer sessions online, which is feeling good. Did a 2.5hr session today, just 9 tabling, and it feels super comfortable. Then did a lil session of HULHE, and then went to casino to grind out for a few hours.

For the record…when I complain about running bad, it’s not “omg I run so bad but look at my profit after it’s all said and done” (no offense Doobie). When I complain, it is because I am legit losing. I try my best not to complain about running bad, but I’m going to now. If you don’t wish to read rambly fucking junk…then go read another post or go to another webpage.

< .word vomit>

I seriously run worse than just about anyone. The adage in poker is that “it is good to lose…it keeps fish thinking they can win, and thus keeps them in the game longer”. This is fantastic! Except when you are the fucking person that is going to fucking lose every mother fucking time. When every fucking 11/7 shitfuck that sits there, just barely able to fucking push buttons correctly, and constantly runs like jesus against the fish who of course ran like jesus against me…it’s awesome. When every fucking 87/9 fucking hits every fucking runner fucking runner fucking perfect draw to fuck my sets…that is awesome! When this happens not once a fucking session, but multiple times and then day after fucking day…ITS EVEN MORE FUCKING AWESOME

And then, even better, I hit nothing. Ever. I am “owed” about 13 sets…THIS MONTH ALONE. Not even including the 20 or so I was “owed” last month. It is insane. But, the fucking drooling ass retard who thinks it is standard to hit a set 1/3.5…doesn’t understand. They just think hitting their sets every other fucking sample is standard, and hitting their fucking draws, regardless of the amount of outs, is even more standard. I have hit 3 draws today. Of those 3 draws, one got stacks in. And of course, that was against the worst played fucking higher draw ever. Cuz fuck…that’s standard!!! If just once, I could ever run good…seriously, like 20K hands of run good, I would triple my earn of 2009. And if I hear one more dickfuck say “omg, im going to switch tables…i haven’t hit a hand in an hour!!!” while playing live…when they literally just had KK 20 minutes ago…I’m going to stab a dude. And even if you didn’t have a hand in an hour…thats 30 fucking hands. Do you really run so good at life that you get something fucking, not only playable, but wins you a fucking pot every 30 minutes? Seriously, go drink some fucking Windex.

< /.word vomit>

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that is it for tonight. And seriously, there are 2 people that understand what it is like to run anywhere near an equivalent of me…and if you are not them…then don’t fucking bitch ever again about your “omg im down 5BI on my make-believe EV graph”



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