The Best Poker Audiobooks (Updated In 2018)

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Over the years I’ve transitioned a lot of my reading time from traditional books over to audiobooks. The audio format makes digesting information easier, quicker, and gives a deeper learning experience. If you are looking for more high-quality poker content but can’t stand reading – audiobooks are a GREAT option that I suggest you check out.

The following will be a rundown of what I think are the best, most comprehensive audiobooks for poker. I will try to show what can be expected from each book and help you decide if it’s the right book for you. An audiobook breaking down the basic rules of poker won’t be of much use to a seasoned tournament player…

Here are 5 audiobooks that I think go above and beyond to teach you different aspects of the game. They are in no particular order:

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 1: Fundamentals & How To Handle Varying Stack Sizes

by Jonathan Little

  • Best for: Tournaments | Live Poker & Online Poker

This book was written by Jonathan Little, a professional player from Florida. Jonathan has won 2 WPT titles and was named the Season 6 WPT Player of the Year. He has earned over $5 million in poker winning.

The book is intended strictly for tournament poker players and in my opinion probably not for pure beginners. While a new player would probably learn from this book it may not make the best starting point.

I feel this book is intended for players that know the basics, know about position and table presence but need to get to the next level. Little teaches how to play “Small Ball” poker and teaches effective stack sizes.

Those things being said I don’t think this book is for professional or higher level players either, it falls right in the middle where most players tend to get bogged down.

Reading Poker Tells

by Zachary Elwood

  • Best for: Cash Games & Tournaments | Live Poker

Elwood’s audiobook about reading poker tells will get you in the habit of looking for the most common tells at the poker table. He also helps you to learn to watch the player’s actions after the tell is noticed to see if it is a tell or just a quirk. Sometimes extra blinking is just dry eyes, sometimes it means the player turned that flush.

Reading Poker Tells is a great book for beginner and intermediate live poker players as it helps them to begin to notice habits and what to look for in their opponents. While no tell is always 100% accurate this audiobook will help you notice them and puts you in the right frame of mind to interpret them.

Another bonus of this book is that it helps you to realize your own tells at the table and take steps to eliminate them or mix them up to confuse your opponents that are paying attention. Something many beginning players may struggle to realize.

Unfolding Poker: Advanced Answered To The Most Frequently-Asked Poker Questions

by James “SplitSuit” Sweeney

  • Best for: Cash Games | Live Poker & Online Poker

My own book is obviously going to be one of my favorites! I have been teaching poker for 8 years and I’ve produced numerous training videos on the game. This book is a great one for beginners and intermediate poker players alike.

Unfolding Poker explains concepts and situations using easy to follow using simple-to-understand jargon and clear examples. While most of what is found in the book is probably known by high-level players, it will help players of lower levels to begin to think like high-level players and make more informed plays.

In the book I’ll show you how to effectively change your bet sizing, and how to deal with your continuation bets not being effective any longer, and answer questions about running it twice, short stacking, studying, etc. Concepts that the beginner may have heard about – but they haven’t implemented it into their game fully yet.

One thing that is great about the Unfolding Poker audiobook is it’s relatively short running time at only 2.5 hours. Don’t for a second think that means it’s a short book or doesn’t have the info of longer books. Through years of making videos I have managed to get my information across in a very good, concise way. You’ll find yourself giving the audiobook more than one listen.

The Mental Game of Poker: Proven Strategies for Improving Tilt Control, Confidence, Motivation, Coping with Variance, and More

by Jared Tendler and Barry Carter

  • Best for: Cash Games & Tournaments | Live Poker & Online Poker

This audio book to me is an all-around book. It can be used by professionals and beginners as it deal more with the mental side of the game. Anyone who has played tournament poker knows it can be a stressful ordeal. Moving all in when you crushed the flop only to find you have to sweat the turn and river hoping the big stack that called you doesn’t make his flush.

The audio book delves into how to deal with the variance of the game. The book also covers staying motivated and ensuring you are in the best state of mind when making big decisions, as well as realizing when you should maybe not be playing.

Beginners will get a lot from this book in that it will show them that the anxiety and stress they feel isn’t specific to them, everyone at the table is feeling it or has felt it. Professionals will be able to learn how to deal with tilt and how to mentally prepare themselves for a tournament or big cash game.

Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments

by Jonathan Little

  • Best for: Tournaments | Live Poker & Online Poker

Little makes the list again with a book perfect for beginning tournament players. When starting out in the game it’s easy to get frustrated that you aren’t beating some of the smaller stakes games you’ll be playing in. Many players have success in small home games but can’t seem to win in a casino game.

Little’s book helps you to identify the different types of players and gives you solid strategies to deal with them effectively. He also makes a point to have the player stop blaming their poor results on bad luck or a bad run of cards.

This book is one of the best for beginning players that are looking to get out and play in casino tournaments or online. While it doesn’t teach the absolute basics, it will teach you to navigate the smaller stake games you’ll encounter when starting out.

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