Dec 3 – Best Email Ever?

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So I got an email from an applicant yesterday. He gave me a top ten list to help me choose my protege team. I thought it was too perfect not to share:


I assume you have roughly 9 guys your sold on and 3 you have trouble deciding on… and to help lighten the mood here is a top ten ways to decide your last few guys:
10. Gladiator Style combat
9. Poker decathlon – HUSNG’s, 6 man SNG’s, PLO, Razz, Stud, PLH, NLH and MTT’s
8. Get head shots, the best looking advance.
7. Names – the best sounding, in real life or online win.
6. – the slackers way out.
5. Dartboard and a monkey – How can giving sharp objects to a monkey ever go wrong?
4. Ask a a fellow poker pro to help
3. Randomly assign applicants to Keno numbers, wait the necessary four hours for 3 of those numbers to hit to decide.
2. Play Truth or Dare with the remaining contestants/applicants until you find the 3 guys willing to do anything to win.
1. Ask them about online games they play, the people with the most level 80 toons in Worlds or Warcraft lose.

Probably won’t choose by any other those methods…but thought they were funny enough to share. On that note, I just finished a quick 1.5K hand session (I made a whopping $1.55) and am going to get back to writing. Hope all is well!


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