December 23 – Almost Xmas…

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This year is wrapping up quickly. I swear it feels like this year didn’t even happen. This week has been relaxing. Had 3 students on Monday, one yesterday, and am taking the rest of the week off for the holidays. Had another shortstacking student which was fun…I love the mixup that SSing offers…it just forces you to think about a different strategy that operates under a whole different set of rules and frameworks.

Finished up the rest of my Xmas shopping yesterday. Got wine and/or vodka for pretty much everyone so hopefully they all enjoy it. Then got a few extra video games for my cousin, because I didn’t think a bottle of Goose was quite appropriate for a 9yr old, lol. Feels good to be done with that. Saw Carrie last night and gave her her bottles and hopefully they will be good. I cant drink wine due to my grape allergy, so I just take advice from friends/family on what is good v bad. O well…is what it is.

wine bottles

Got back this morning and am about to go out help my dad finish his shopping. Also spent some time this morning discussing a software creation with a 2p2r. I have this cool idea for software but no skills myself…so hopefully he can help me get this off the ground. Either way it is cool trying to train my brain to think like a computer in logic statements, lol. Also, in case you didn’t see, “The Tank” page is finally put up. I will be running the first one on Jan 7th…but check the post to get more information.

Hope all is well with everyone and happy holidays in case I don’t get back to this until after Xmas.



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