December 30 – End Of Year + Goals For 2010

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This will be my last post of the year I think. Things have been going well the last few days. Have had a few coaching sessions here and there, but standard with the holidays and NYE still coming up. I spent most of Monday getting my video fully finished. It took me about 8hrs total with graphics and all the full stuff…but I’ve been taking a lot more time and paying close attention to detail. My goal with Stox videos is to really take it from being just a boring poker training video and actually make them enjoyable movies that are visually stimulating as well. They hit both the visual and the audio learners that way…and are just really enjoyable to watch imo.

So that video was a critical analysis video on hands I played at 50NL this year, 8 hands to be exact. I think I found some fun spots to talk about ranges and such things and I really focused on hand reading, range analysis, and line consideration. Today, I started on my next video (the one coming out Jan 8 ) which took me way longer than it should have. It took me about 5.5hrs to record a 35minute video, lol. I could not, for the life of me, speak in coherent sentences. The video will be fun…as I did a Stox University video on LAG play and did a big section on some postflop frameworks that I use. Also made and used some sweet graphics for that one…and hopefully I will finish editing and production on it tomorrow. Overall that will be my longest video to create as it will probably take about 15hrs total including script writing, recording, and editing…and all for a 35min video, lol.

Enough about that…everything else is just fine. Just been relaxing mostly and working…writing a bunch of stuff and trying to enjoy the last bit of my vacation before I leave for Vegas again (next Tuesday). I actually got a lil bored today and decided to watch a Rick Mask video from Stox…I will say I was very impressed, though I laughed a bunch of times because he says things in oddly similar ways that I do while im coaching. Like he was talking about reasons to check TT on an AK5 board and it was scary that he listed the exact same reasons that I do with almost the exact same verbiage. I guess its not super odd…but def made me LOL a bit.

Alright, so the real goal of this post is for goals and junk for 2010. So here they are:

1.) at least 500K volume
2.) at least $30K poker profit
3.) make some more vids (8 at the minimum)
4.) work with at least 30 new students
5.) get to Vegas for the series again
6.) play at least 100K hands of 200NL-1KNL
7.) take on a protege
8.) have at least a $65K year

Nothing too hellish, and all very doable. I felt 2009 was a wash to be honest. I am in just barely a better financial situation now than I was a year ago (ok, maybe a few extra $K in the bank account, but not enough that I feel great about it). So I really want to start grinding a little harder. Whether that means getting a job, coaching more, or playing a ton more poker… Of course, I do want to enjoy life as well, but I need to grind hard while im young enough to do so and also without other commitments.

Alright, I’m off to coach and then pass out cuz im tired as hell today. Hope NYE is good for everyone and be safe!



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