December 7 – Live + Life

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So the last few days kind of escaped me a little bit, my bad. The end of the week was good. Had quite a few students reschedule though, so my originally booked up (“booked up” for me is 3 students/day) weekend was pretty light. I was feeling a little restless on Friday and decided I would go play live. Just wanted to get out of the house and my plans to go out with some friends bounced…so “work” it was.

Played over at the Venetian. I haven’t played live in Vegas in quite some time so it was odd to see how dead the games are (winter is slow season here, so it’s not surprising). Got a meh table to begin, but figured I would give it a little bit to see if the game opened up…and before you know it 2 nits left and some dumbasses sat in. Lovely =)

V poker room

Game was standard LOLlive. Didn’t run particularly great (had AJ on a Js2s4d board lose to 76ss hitting 7 6 out the backdoor…flopped quads in a spot where I was never getting paid…and flopped top boat in a similar situation). Last hand of the night I called an EP raise with 77 OTB, and see a 3way flop with the BB of Qs 7s 8c. BB donks $25 into $35, OR calls, and I raise to $73…just BB calls (leaving himself $130 back). Turn is the Js, he checks, I ship, he snaps with AdQs, river is a spade and it all starts feeling more like live play again. I will say I felt as though I played pretty lights out. Actually raised from the BB with AK and see a 3way flop as MitM of AQ5 and I don’t put in a single chip against AQ…ninja hand reading ftw.

Also got my Stox video, which will be out next week (same day that my COTW on LAG play comes out). It took me about 10.5hrs to make it (including scripting and everything). It is short, but super visual and should be very educational and visually stimulating at the same time. Hopefully yall enjoy it.

I also went out frisbee golfing today with Jon. Good time, although damn freezing outside (only 50*F, which feels like you are going to die of hypothermia). Actually only went 4 over par on an 18 hole course, which, for my first time playing in over 2 years, I will take =). Did lunch after, played some pool, then came home and got all my laundry and packing done. Now I am at the airport, just waiting for my plane. Hope all is well with everyone!



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