February 1 – New Site Design

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So I got quite a few comments and IM’s from people about my site randomly setting off their anti-virus software. I looked into it, upgraded wordpress, upgraded all my plug-ins, upgraded everything I could think of and I could still see some funky action happening. Did a quick theme change and that turned out to fix the problem. Rather than reinstall the old theme and redo all the custom images, I figured I would take the time to get a new theme up and running. All comments are welcome, though unless there is something glaringly wrong, there is a good chance I won’t be fixing it for awhile due to my being burned out from coding for 4hrs straight, lol. And my sincerest apologies for the virus crap…I promise that it wasn’t intentional =(
Also, my fault on not updating in a little bit. I meant to last night but ended up passing out hard after I finished my work. Last Thursday I went out with Chris, Jon, and Randy to Naked Fish for lunch, which was awesome. Very fresh sushi, insanely cheap, and a cool little restaurant. Went over to play some disc golf afterwards which was fun. Had decent weather, minus the whole wind thing, and I ended up winning and setting a personal best of 63 on 18 holes.
Got a lot of writing and planning done on Friday and Saturday. Structured out my personal video product and also structured and began writing my Stox videos for later this month. My goal for this week is to get 2 videos written and recorded (1 day for writing, 1 day for recording each), which should be no issue. Decided I am going to do a 2 parter called “Boxing In The Ring” which will revolve around fighting for pots. Should be cool, and might even make it a 3 parter if I feel so inclined.
Ended up doing my Tank session with Mpethy on Sunday. Wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to go, since I not only had to take 7 students in mind, but also co-coach…but it worked out well and I got some really good feedback at the end for future structuring. I decided to record the whole thing (video+audio) and package it up. So if you are interested, check out the new “Products” page and click on “The Tank: HEM: Blind Play“. We are planning on the running the PT3 session in 2 weeks, so I will keep you guys updated as I get more information.
I was planning on getting lots of writing done today. But ended up getting a late start (was up until 2a last night making edits to this thing I’ve been writing) and lounged for too many hours before noticing the whole website thing. Incase you didn’t see it on 2p2, or here, I wrote my post on getting the most out of our HUD. So enjoy that if you haven’t already =)
Hope all is well!


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