February 12 – OMG I Am Exhausted

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I am beyond tired right now but wanted to write a quick blog post before I passed out. I spent the entire day finishing recording for this video, doing another 6hrs of editing, and all on fairly minimal sleep. I am probably going to crash out in a few minutes, which is very lame for a Friday night, but w/e, lol.
Thursday I got up and got a session of disc golf in after some Cr-EAT-E. Actually played my best round ever at 58 on 18 holes. It was a gorgeous day at about 72* with like no wind at all. Was nice to see how I do with no wind as every other session was fairly blustery. Had some very powerful drives, and binked 2’s on 3 holes. Once I get a little more consistent, I might try out some of the bigger courses that Vegas has to offer. But getting out of the house every week to play has been amazing and necessary.

Got home about 3p and spent the time answering emails and doing some final prep on the Tank session. I have been getting swamped with emails the last few days as apparently I am on the top part of the coaching sine wave, lol. Lots of LeakFinders and Table Captain Packagers have been coming through, so I have my work cut out for me in the next few weeks. The Tank went very well imo, have been getting lots of good reviews from those who attended, which always ups the confidence level a little bit. Oddly enough spent 2hrs just going over 10 hands, but doing some pretty good analysis on hand ranges pre and postflop and building some nice lines. There are also spots open for the Tank on Sunday going over blind play using PT3 for those that are interested!
I tried to finish recording the video last night, but ended up finishing it this afternoon instead. It took me forever to record it because it is a beast of a video. Only 35minutes, but goes over things like stabbing and facing CR’s which are tough to explain and require a lot of “check this and do that” stuff over and over given player types, boards, etc. Finally finished the editing stuff a little while ago, and am now just taking a mental vacation. I have 2 students tomorrow so I might just crash and have a 12hr sleep before I wake up for them, lol.
Hope all is well!


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