Final Table Workbook: Hand #25

by Ben Hayles

K♠ 5♠
on K♥ 9♦ 5♥ 3♥ 6♣

With 6 players left in this tournament, you steal from the button with K5s. The solid TAG in the BB calls and action heats up on a K95 flop. The BB check-raises you from 3BB to 9BB, and you opt to just call. Unfortunately, the turn completes the flush draw, and the BB keeps firing. After you call the turn, you face a jam on a brick river.


What Do You Get In The TITAN Edition?

  • The full-color ebook with 40 unique exercises
  • A lifetime license for Flopzilla
  • My custom Flopzilla range presets
  • A 6 month license for Holdem Resources (HRC)
  • 8 video training series from Ben Hayles (the video above is included in this series - so you know EXACTLY what to expect!)
  • My 'Pure Hand Reading' webinar
  • Ben's 'How To Perfectly Adjust Your Preflop Ranges' webinar

That is over $800 worth of training material. Remember, if this work helps you move up just ONE PAYJUMP just ONE TIME – it pays for itself. Invest a bit in yourself today and see how massive the ROI can be…