Free 100NL Poker Strategy Videos

This is a collection of poker strategy videos with hands played at 100NL ($.5/$1) online. Concepts range from playing overpairs, to bet sizing, to exploiting your opponent’s mistakes.

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Pocket Kings On A Wet Flop

In this hand, Hero has some big decisions to make with KK in a 3-handed game. Hero 3bets KK from the BB, gets called by the button, and is forced to play the rest of the hand out of position on a soaking-wet flop. Hero opts to take a passive line postflop – and this video showcases the good, bad, and ugly of that decision.

If you aren’t 100% sure what those numbers are (17/16, 9% 3B, etc.), read the setting up your poker HUD stats guide and pay attention to VPIP, PFR, sample size, and 3bet-%.

Missing Value With The Nuts?

Hero flops a huge hand, and it only gets stronger from there! Yet, Hero’s line was super A-typical and requires some serious rethinking. Concepts here include making decisions with monster hands against weaker opponents, playing out of position, choosing bet & raise sizes, and comparing the EV of flatting vs. shoving.

Use my free poker spreadsheets to calculate EV, compare EV across multiple lines, and study your hands at a professional level.

The Best Line With An Overpair

Hero is in a dream situation with QQ, an overpair, and an opponent who is on raging tilt. But a tricky river card and some suboptimal line work leaves Hero scratching his head. This video explains the value of looking for a check-raise, why value betting can be best even on sucky cards, and how bet sizes can set up for an even more profitable situation.

Sets vs. Draws

Sets are usually super easy – just hit them and fire like mad to build the pot as quickly as possible. But what about the times when obvious draws fill up? Or what if the draw fills AND your opponent starts firing back at you?

This hand review looks at a spot where bottom set has to make some big decisions and decide if it’s time to shift our hand closer to value or showdown value.

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