The Hand Reading Super Pack

Hand reading is one of the rare skills you use in every poker hand you play. And while your opponents will continue avoiding it because hand reading “is too hard” – you can develop massive edges every time you sit down.

What you need is a proven system and some practice to help everything sink in. This pack gives you everything you need to build your opponent’s range to find extra bluffs AND thinner value bets in your next session.


The Hand Reading Lab

The cornerstone of learning the art and science of hand reading comes from my best-selling poker course: The Hand Reading Lab. This course comes with over 25 lessons showing you how to hand read preflop, postflop, with and without the lead in a given situation.

Instead of constantly guessing what your opponent has, use my proven methodology for building ranges, understanding the technical aspects of ranges, and refining ranges as a hand progresses.

Each lesson expands upon the previous one, and the course comes with multiple examples of hand reading in real situations.

See how to build ranges like a pro when you get 3-bet, when they c-bet, when they barrel, and every situation in between.

Here is the complete lesson list:

  • The Big Picture
  • The Law Of Linear
  • The Law Of Logic
  • The Law Of Learning
  • The Shapes Of Ranges
  • Understanding Percentage-Form
  • Flopzilla (From Newbie To Power-User)
  • Exercise – Your Own Preflop Ranges
  • Reading Open Raises
  • Reading 3Bet Ranges
  • When They Call Your PF Raises
  • Reading 4Bets/5Bets/Etc.
  • When They Call Your 3Bets
  • Exercise – Your Own Flop Ranges
  • Postflop Hand Reading Elements
  • When We Have The Lead Postflop
  • When They Have The Lead Postflop
  • Capped Ranges
  • Advanced Range Advantage
  • Example – JT on K72
  • Example – 55 on 854
  • Example – KQ on K96
  • Example – J8 on Q93
  • Example – 65 on AQ2
  • Example – QJ on T65
  • Double Blind Example on Q75
  • Double Blind Example on A86

The Hand Reading Lab normally costs $497, but you get it included in The Hand Reading Super Pack for a huge discount along with a complete suite for practicing your skills…


Includes 3 Hand Reading Workbooks

The best way to practice your hand reading skills between sessions is with a workbook. Each workbook (in digital/PDF format) lays out 40 unique hands and guides you through street-by-street analysis. Three unique sections explore assigning your own ranges, dialing into your opponent’s, and also working through range-vs-range scenarios.

Each workbook (normally $70 each) is set apart by game type and includes information pertinent to the format.

  • Live Cash Games (Green): Includes player types and sizes used in live cash.
  • 6max Cash Games (Red): Includes HUD stats and sizes used in online cash.
  • Tournaments (Blue): Includes pay-out tables for final table ICM exploration.


Flopzilla Pro

Flopzilla Pro is the golden standard when it comes to building and analyzing ranges while studying. Use the same software that I’ve been using for over a decade to explore ranges and develop an intense technical understanding while hand reading.

Use this software to follow along with videos and examples in The Hand Reading Lab, and for a variety of other things. For instance, you can do hand vs. hand analysis, hand vs. range, range vs. range, and even multiway exploration. Find out exactly how often your opponents are hitting nuttish hands, missing the board entirely, and everything in between.

On top of a lifetime license for Flopzilla Pro, I’m also including my range presets which will save you thousands of clicks having to manually click in common starting ranges your opponents use. These include a variety of open-raising ranges, call 2-bet ranges, and even 3-bet ranges.

Note that Flopzilla Pro is a Windows-only software and will not run natively on a Mac or Linux machine. You do not need a powerful Windows machine to run Flopzilla Pro and calculations are always incredibly fast.

This tool will help you complete the workbooks infinitely faster, and is a prerequisite for completing other workbooks like The Postflop Workbook and The Advanced Poker Workbook.


Plus $200+ In Bonuses

Let’s sweeten the pot with a bunch of bonuses to help you take your hand reading skills even further. Many of these leverage Flopzilla as well!

Hand Reading With Your HUD

Normally $99

This 3-part series shows you exactly how to put your HUD and database stats to use to assign precise ranges while playing online poker.

Missing With AK In 3Bet Pots

Normally $35

While it seems like your Ace King never hits the flop after 3-betting it preflop, there’s no reason to panic with this in-depth explorative video.

Info Gathering Q&A

Normally $49

I answer a variety of questions related to information gathering and how to use that information to assign better ranges in real-time.

Hand Reading Live TAGs

Normally $35

If you play live cash games, most regs in the game use a very similar type of TAG style. This video shows you how to read them like a book.

Enroll Now

It’s time to finally bridge the gap from intermediate to advanced play by studying and leveraging The Hand Reading Super Pack in every session you play. Grab your copy today, for less than a single $2/$5 buy-in, and get lifetime access to everything:

IncludedItem NameOriginal Cost
The Hand Reading Lab$497
Live Hand Reading Workbook$70
6max Hand Reading Workbook$70
MTT Hand Reading Workbook$70
Flopzilla Pro$49
Flopzilla Pro Ranges$40
Hand Reading With Your HUD$99
Missing With AK In 3Bet Pots$35
Info Gathering Q&A$49
Hand Reading Live TAGs$35
Total Original Cost$1,014
Your Discount Today61%

Enroll today, and let’s make 2024 your best poker year yet.

What Are Other Players Saying?

I finished the Lab and it helped me a lot. This was exactly what I’ve been searching for. I read books about this stuff but it never really sank in. With [these] videos it was much easier and [The Lab] explains it in a very good and simple way.

Roman L.

I love it!!! My poker mind is opened wide to how complex and easy this game is. The workbook and course have guided me and have transformed the way I play and think about this game.

Michael O.

I actually belong to two other training sites which I joined from March last year but have made more progress in a few weeks with your material than the others just because of the way you explain and present the information.

Mike C.

I have spent the last two years being hyper-focused on improving my cash game skills. Your course is one of 3 training resources that I dialed in on this year and I have to say HANDS DOWN that The Hand Reading Lab is by far the best single piece of training I have consumed… it’s not even close.

Anthony M.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Still on the fence? You are fully protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply show me the work that you did on a few of the Workbook exercises and I’ll refund you completely. Any refund will terminate course access and revoke all software licenses.

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