Heads Up Pots: Hand #6

Wondering what happened in this hand?

After jamming the turn for $240, the HJ ended up calling with 9♦9♠. The river was a brick, and the HJ scooped the pot.

This hand was posted by Nielsohn on the RCP Discord, and they followed up with this:

Villain was an active player who seemed to be pretty decent. He called my hand and was acting very smug about it, like I was playing super face up and he outplayed me. My flop sizing obviously doesn’t set up a great turn jam, but I don’t think it’s super unrealistic that I could have done this with AA, KK or AQ.


Sometimes, a villain will end up hero calling wider than you originally estimated, and it happens. Just update your future range assumptions and know that you can value jam spots like these against them wider than just AQ, KK+, etc.

I actually played & analyzed a sort of similar hand in this video (at least the A♦K♦ with a semi-bluff jam on the turn). Push play, and let’s break it down:

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