How To Use HoldEQ + Flopzilla

This video is from The Hand Reading Lab and shows you how to use HoldEQ. Here is what you will learn:

What is HoldEQ

HoldEQ is a Flopzilla add-on that allows you to do some really in-depth range vs range exploration. You can grab the SplitSuit Edition of Flopzilla here and get my custom ranges + additional training!

How to sync Flopzilla & HoldEQ

Open up HoldEQ and multiple instances of Flopzilla. I typically only do range vs range (although you can do even more complex analysis if you desire), so I open up two Flopzillas. Then click the little RSS-looking button in HoldEQ, hover over the associated Flopzilla instance, and it should pair. Repeat for each additional range you want to explore. Two things:

  1. Make sure to remember which range is yours!
  2. If you have any issues with this, reach out directly to Flopzilla/HoldEQ support. They have the answers, I unfortuantely do not =(

Range Advantage

Not 100% sure what range advantage is? Start with this free article. But HoldEQ allows you to easily see which range benefits the most from the flop, from specific turn and river cards, etc. Hint: When you have clear range advantage you should be much more aggressive.

Exploring with HoldEQ

Start exploring with HoldEQ and test things like “ok, I understand the range advantage on the flop, but who has range advantage if the turn is a board pair, overcard, or brick? Explore how changing ranges and textures influences the advantage to get a really well-rounded view of this concept.

If you like this kind of analysis and want to a complete system for hand reading from preflop to the river – check out The Hand Reading Lab today. This course has 25+ videos, over 7hrs of HD content, and guides you through assigning better ranges every step of the way. Learn more about The Lab here:

The Hand Reading Lab

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