How To Play Preflop Poker Video

Every good player has to know how to play preflop poker well.  Playing profitable poker preflop means that you are taking good opportunities, getting out of -EV spots, and all the while setting yourself up for success postflop.  Most beginner players struggle with poker simply because they play preflop with a lack of discipline.  They are ignorant to the power of position, they don’t think ahead before making a play, they don’t consider effective stacks…or worse…they make ALL of those mistakes!  In this video I review these powerful concepts (along with others) to help you improve your preflop strategy.

(Video 1/15 of the Crushing Micro-Stakes Poker Video Series)

In this video we review 3 majors concepts:

  • Position: why the button is our friend and how to create lines and ranges based upon it
  • Opening ranges: which ranges to default open-raise, why, and when to be dynamic
  • Stack sizes: which stack size you should use and how to alter our lines when opponents have different stack sizes

If you liked this video, consider getting the full 15 video series with videos topics ranging from 3-betting preflop to bluff CBing and poker math to showdown value.  There are over 6 hours of videos in this series that are sure to help your game and get you making better decisions on the tables!

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