Jan 14 – A Mid-Month Update

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Damn this month is going by quickly. I spent a lot of this week finishing up some coaching and getting some video work done. Also continued working on a side project, which is unfortunately coming along quite slowly. Overall things are getting done, just not at the pace I want them to. However, I did get some time to write up a blog post for the SSPS on learning styles in poker, so check that out imo.

Also, I appreciate the emails/PMs I have received alerting me to the NVG thread. I responded to the thread twice, and have decided to quit looking at it. NVG threads tend to become really muddy, with a bunch of 30 post accounts flying off the handle and making wild accusations with no factual base. Rather than get myself worked up reading that dribble, I figured it wasn’t worth it and took myself out of the thread. I’ve always realized that in the poker community your word and reputation mean everything, which is why I’ve always worked hard to remain lucid and honest about everything. I’ve been honest about my results, volume, and numbers, and will continue to be. If anyone has any questions about things, just email me and I’d be happy to talk it out with you.
Everything else has been going alright. My GF and I are moving into a new place, so we’ve been out and about getting new stuff for the house. We’ll probably start moving stuff over tomorrow, and then I’ll take my time getting stuff out of my place. I really hate moving, as the whole process is always stressful for me…but I’m going to do my best to make it as fun as possible. It’ll also be nice to have an office that IS NOT in my room. I’ve always had a tough time shutting down after work when my office is in my room, so this should be a nice way of “escaping work”. I’ll update about all of this once it’s finalized…
I’m going to wrap this up here. I’m going to go play some video games before going out to this adult party tonight (not fully sure how to behave at an adult function, so it should be interesting, lol). With that said, hope all is going well!


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