January 2 – Happy New Year!

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Happy new year everyone! Hope the turn of the year was a good one. I spent mine with the lakehouse people at this Chinese restaurant over near the Weirs. Great time. I’m honestly shocked that we did not get kicked out given our volume control issues during dinner (to be fair it wasn’t me, lol)…but it was a good time. Had some sushi, probably the best crab rangoons I’ve ever had, and a ton to drink. I will say probably the most drunk I’ve been since college…but thats what NYE is all about.

Spent most of yesterday just trying to get rid of my hellish hangover. Had to take a nap just to get rid of it which made me feel like the biggest bum. But I ended up finishing and shipping my video into Stox which is all that I had on the calendar for the day. That video ended up taking me 18hrs total, 8hrs of it spent on editing and graphics. I’m very interested to see how this video gets received. I did it on LAG play, but spent the entire postflop section talking about frameworks of processing information. I talked about my hand strength threshold framework and I’m not sure how easy it will be to understand. I think I did a decent job of explaining it…but we’ll see how people that watch it enjoy it =)

And since 2009 is past us I wanted to drop my site stats for last year. I was hoping to get 10K uniques…but ended up shy. Not the best site stats ever…but for a very small niche website…I’m happy with the results =)

8,799 people visited this site (www.splitsuit.com)

23,212 Visits

8,799 Absolute Unique Visitors

67,808 Pageviews

2.92 Average Pageviews

00:03:12 Time on Site

48.51% Bounce Rate

37.28% New Visits

Well I’m exhausted after spending the night in Boston. I’m going to crash a nap before dinner and then get to sleep so I’m up for my 3 students tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone!



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