July 12 – Back To The Grind

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So my birthday came and went. Was a good day. Ended up going out to Blondies that night and caught up with one of my college friends (Btine) who I hadn’t seen in about 3 years. Was nice to get some beerpong in as I hadn’t played since Albany. Spent Saturday feeling like hell and coaching, and passed out early. Went to bed around 9p and woke up at 2p the next day. I may have ended up catching a bug of sorts because I still feel a little out of it.

I am also back to the grind this week. The last month has been relatively relaxed as far as work hours, due to events and lots of writing. However, that little “vacation” has passed and back to the grind we go. I did a wall today, and have students every day this week (with another wall on Thursday). My personal goal is to also finish the book by the end of the month. I will attach the TOC here (although it is tentative and I might add another chapter or so if I feel it fits in well).

1.) Preflop warm up
2.) Preflop Hand Selection
3.) Calling raises
4.) Isolating
5.) 3B-ing
6.) Squeezing
7.) 4B-ing
8.) PF adjustments

9.) Postflop Warm Up
10.) Understanding SDV
11.) CB-ing
13.) CR-ing
14.) Facing a CR
15.) Playing 3B pots on the flop
16.) Playing big hands on the flop
17.) Flop adjustments

18.) Barreling
19.) VB-ing
20.) Postflop adjustments

21.) Creative Line Composition

I would say I am about 75% through the writing of it, and would guess it will be about 85 pages single spaced before images/hands. It is a beastly lil project to say the least. But like I said in an earlier post, I will be extremely proud when it is all said and done. Random side note…I got a new Katana and got some extra control on my Sidewinder…so my disc golf game is getting a bit more consistent. I just need to reclaim my damn DX Starfire =)
And with that all being said, I am going to go get some sleep. Hope all is well!


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