July 6 – I Played With Phil Hellmuth

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What an odd weekend it was. I guess I will start on Thursday night. Sat down at about midnight with Cwar to talk about some business stuff…which is generally done while playing Chinese poker. In case you have never played Chinese poker before, you are dealt 13 cards. You then make 3 hands, two 5 card hands and one 3 card hand. We play the hi/lo/hi version (best 5 card poker hand, 5 card lowball hand (2-7), and best 3 card hand (best 5 card hand must beat your 3 card hand)). Ended up playing this for about 3 hours (getting some good business conversation done at the same time), and then changed it up to play two hands each (so we are both dealt half the deck). This turned into another 3 hours of playing, and I finally crashed as the sun was peaking.

Wake up in the afternoon for a student, do a few hours of work, then head down to the strip. The 2p2 party was at 6p, and I finally got there at about 6:30 or so. It was at the Hard Rock poker room, which I will say, is an awesome little room. Very nice atmosphere, decently sized, and nice spacing between tables. I sat right in at a 1/2mix game (PLO/PLO8) and got to put some faces to names. About 30min in there was some commotion about Phil Hellmuth wanting to play at our table. So they racked up the dude next to me for a bit and wouldn’t you know it, I got to play with Phil. He of course got my left, which I was none too thrilled with. But he seemed to be an OK guy and shook hands with everyone. Hard to say if he would have been a dick being he won every hand he entered and hit top set 3x in 1.5 orbits.

So he left after a lil bit (maybe 30min?) and at the same time the guy on my right returns to the table. He looks familiar, and is wearing a Cake Poker shirt…so I ask him as he’s sitting down “you look really familiar, and I’m probably going to look like a douche, but are you Lee Jones?”. He quickly responds “still not sure if you’re a douche, but yea, I’m Lee Jones”. LOL. Cool guy, definitely a poker room manager though as he was table captain like none other. Really odd to look around the room and see a wide range of people. Saw Raymer, Luske, TT, a bunch of mods, Deeb, and some other people I had met back in TS. Very well run event imo, and cool experience. Though odd to see that only about 14% of people there were the nerdy internet looking types..stereotypes are silly.

So after that I went down to the Venetian to meet up with GregGGhehe and NotOnTilt who were in town. Went to Grand Lux for dinner before I went to put in a session. Apparently Greg was down quite a bit from 1/2NL live (silly live poker) and was probably getting out of there soon. He mentioned skydiving on Sunday, which I was hoping was going to happen, but he bounced out early. They also had some other friends in town who were nice guys, and I meant to play Chinese poker with them, but I don’t play Chinese when stuck =(. Had a really rough weekend grinding, just couldn’t get anything going and lost KKvAA aipf, set v runner/runner flush, 2 draws hit the whole time, and a bunch of aipf spots that were pretty unavoidable and ran into the top of their ranges. -$1.6K or so, but it happens.

Sleep schedule is back to being effed up as usual…so I will try to correct that this week. Hope all is well everyone!



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