June 13 – Out Of Event 24

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How is it possible to not only run good, but to do so for hours upon hours on end? Aka, how is it possible to play MTTs? lol. When the first hand of an event you flop top set and lose, you know its going to be a fun event. Ended up lasting about 2hrs and then busted with 88 v KK in a postional aggro pot. Like usual, no real traction going. Just terrible lefts and missing everything postflop, or getting binked on. *Sigh*. At least I have a few more events left.
The last few days have been aggravating. I recorded my CR vid the other day and spent all of Friday producing it (which took about 7hrs). I am happy with the work, and just need to give it a twice-over to make sure that I am 100% happy with everything. I just really dislike having to be so damn meticulous with the editing because I am a super nit. That, and I have to take Adderall to do it, which always fucks up my sleep schedule. I think I need to take some melatonin and restart my body clock a little bit.

I have also been putting in more sessions lately around coaching. I am getting bored with shortstacking on PokerStars and have been mixing some fullstacking on a less known site (I am keeping it quiet for the moment due to how good the games are =) ). My game feels really sharp right now…I just wish some of that would translate over to MTTs, lol. But I am doing my best to stay optimistic.
Past that, I lost my driver the other day, which is life tilting me. I had used that disc on each coast, and loved the feel of it. I decided to just spend $100 and pick up a lot of discs. So I have some new drivers (a little heavier than my 167g Championship Sidewinder) in the mail, and hopefully should have them this week. Fingers crossed I can get some nice weather with lack of wind (the wind has been horrid for the last few months gusting up to 30mph during the day)…and then I’ll go play for like 5hrs to test all my new discs. It’s like Christmas =)
And on that note…I’m going to go relax. I’ve watched two movies in the last 2 days (The Visioneers and Rampage)…not sure if I liked either of them tbh…so hopefully my movie selection improves =)


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