June 19 – Back In Vegas

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So I got back into Vegas on Tuesday. Plane ride wasn’t terrible, but I will undoubtedly never fly Delta/Northwest again. Why do you give me the damn option to pre-select seat assignment if you are just going to seat me wherever the hell you deem it convenient? Stupid airlines. O well. Laid over in Minnesota so got a buzz going there (riding airplanes with a buzz = bearable), then go to Vegas a few hours later after some nice delaying.

Got back to work hard on Wednesday. I have been picking up a bunch of new students as of late, so have had some intro sessions this week. Had a couple sessions on Wednesday and a couple today, and have a few over the weekend. I love my job =) So did some coaching, got some more work for the business done, and have just been mixing in relaxing and grinding.

Picked up my friend from the airport that night, and her friends who I hadn’t met before. Decided to drive them down the strip as it was my friends first time (as opposed to avoiding the damn thing) and of course they were staying at Palazzo (exact opposite side of the strip) so it took like 30min to get there. Dropped them off at their room, grabbed a midnight snack (shrimp fried rice from Noodle Asia (outside the poker room at Venetian) which was amazing, and then bounced home. I have been capping most of my nights with hours of Halo3 just to relax, so did some of that and crashed. Damn sleep schedule is still averaging from 4a to 11a, but I will try to get it better.

Also, today started the beginning of the uFR escrow (aka, ppl send me money, I collect and hold, and then I ship it all to the winning team). I will probably never do this again, lol. I have to triple check names, spreadsheets, cashier pages, etc. Huge PITA. I am actually looking forward to the challenge as it will give me some much needed motivation to grind online. I won’t like, July will be the busiest month ever, but I’m looking forward to the grind.

Alright, that is enough babbling from me tonight. Hope all is well everyone!



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