June 2 – Post #301

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Damn I’ve written a lot of posts for this site, lol. Things have been alright lately, although I feel there hasn’t been much to blog about. My mom, her BF, and my sister came into town over the weekend so I got to see them. Did dinner with them two nights, showed them my place, and dropped them off at the airport early on Sunday. Was nice to see some family out in Vegas (versus going East coast), so hopefully that trend keeps up, lol.
GreatestPlaylist has also been going pretty well. I am already averaging more than 2K vists/month, and have been nailing some of the keywords I’ve been targeting. The only issue is that the site is so damn social and I’ve been lazy as far as promoting it that way. I’ve been so focused on content that I’ve been unable to do the social pushing and link building that I need to do. Hopefully in time I’ll fix it and that way I can really see how much volume I can get. I still don’t give a fuck about conversions…just traffic and testing/learning things =) But if you are looking for a chill playlist…look no further!

I hinted at this slightly in the forums but I am having a bit of an identity crisis since BF. I went out on a date with a girl last week and she asked me what I do for work. For the first time in about 7 years I didn’t really know how to respond. The bulk of my income no longer comes from playing, coaching, or anything poker related…so I can’t really say “poker player”, “poker coach”, or anything like that. And being that poker has been such a large part of my identity for so many years, I’m kind of struggling to figure out how to compartmentalize it all. I suppose time will fix it, but it’s still a very odd feeling.
And on that note, I’m going to go crash. I have a flight at 7a tomorrow to get up to Denver for the Dispatch concerts all weekend, which means I need to be up by like 4a (which is going to so suuuuck). But it should be fun to go play disc golf at some new places, see a new concert, and eat as Casa Bonita. And then hopefully I’ll get out to Chicago at some point this summer as well, along with the east coast. Hurray traveling! Hope all is well!


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