June 9 – Boston part 1

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So my time in Boston has been going well so far. Mostly just trying to relax and get work done. My sister’s graduation wasn’t too bad. Spent most of the time texting and trying to keep my 8 year old cousin from going nuts with boredom. Lucky for him, and me, the graduation ceremony really only took about an hour and a half. I got to say “hi” to some old teachers which was cool…and all of them seemed to find it humerous that I now play poker as a profession. Glad I can be a source of comedy =)

Did a family get together after (always awkward when divorced parents try to be in the same room together, lol). My great grandmother came for the graduation as well, which was awesome as I havn’t seen her in about 2 years at this point. Got out of there, got some business work done, and then passed out, only to be woken up at 6a by a very excited 8 year old. Apparently, my only purpose of being an older cousin is to play video games and give him pieces of gum. O well, yet another night with limited sleep….at least I got to hook my old orginal Xbox and play some classic Blitz with him.

Spent most of Sunday being a lazy hobo. Got a little bit of work in, but mostly just read 2p2 and talked to people on AIM. Finally took a shower at 5p and then did dinner at “Toscas” in Hingham. Good place, had a really some really good pan seared scallops, and this restaurant is a traditional post-graduation location. Was a very cool thing for me to actually see 4 generations of women at the same table, my sister, mom, grandma, and great grandma…the interaction between them all is a laugh riot. Got out of there, attempted to do a little work, and then passed out.

Apparently my Google Calendar didn’t want to switch my appointment times and I ended up being 3hrs late for a coaching session. (3hr time difference from PDT to EDT). Oops. Student understood, which was awesome, and then we got it done later in the day. Was kind of cool as he is pretty much going pro this month (seems a few of my students have been taking this option lately) so we talked a lot about the approach to that. He’s also considering getting into coaching as well…so I certainly feel as though I have done a good job with him =)

I’ve also been downloading a shitton of music since being home (as I’ve had some issues with DL’ing in Vegas). Got a wide range of stuff from Royksopp’s new album (another good call FG), The Blanks (Ted’s group from Scrubs), City And Colour, Justice, and a few discs of random Indie rock to explore some new stuff. I have so much new music it’s awesome! I’m actually having a very tough time listening to it all, but I’m sure I’ll manage. And on that note, I’m going to pass out and then wake up for counseling and work. Hope all is well!



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