Keep Track Of Your Live Poker Hands

Remembering a hand you played yesterday can be tough. Remembering a hand you play a month ago is nearly impossible. And forget trying to remember every last detail like card suits, exact bet sizing, etc. But all of these elements are crucial when you go to study hands you’ve played, and as a live player, you have no easy way to retain this information. Until now!

A few players requested a simple-to-use journal to help them save live hands for post-session review. So I took the idea and created the Live Poker Player’s Journal. This physical journal contains my customized hand history chart with a simple layout for jotting down basic hands AND really complex spots. It also has instructions showing some unique ways to use these charts along with 40+ pages at the end for note-taking and monitoring your results. This is an example of a hand chart filled out:


When you save your live poker hands your goal isn’t to write a complete novel about the hand. Your goal is to get the most important information down ASAP so you can save it and study it later. The chart was created with that in mind to give you enough room to write down any important information about reads or previous information…without letting you get lost in writing down too much unnecessary junk.

If you are a live poker player who wants to study better, this journal is a must. The cover is designed to be fairly inconspicuous so that you can feel confident bringing it with you to the tables. Just leave your copy in your car or poker bag so you have it with you for each and every session. And if you end up using it in a really creative way, let me know! Or if you think of any features a book like this could use, I’m all ears! Just let me know on Twitter =)

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