March 21 – Half Tilt

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So I consider it a great thing that I am only half tilting right now. I just finished my taxes yesterday, and wrote my biggest check ever to the government. There is just no worse feeling than sending money to a group of people who will set that money on fire. However, I am in a much better mood now than I was the entire week after paying taxes last year (well…that’s not quite fair as Black Friday happened like 2 days after I paid last year’s taxes, lol)…so I consider it a sort of win.

Other things have been going well. I’ve been doing a ton of coaching lately which has felt solid. It’s also gotten my poker bug back a bit and I went out this weekend and played a little live. Felt good to play again, and even better getting AA aipf versus JJ and losing in the first orbit, lol. My table was pretty odd and would sinewave between ultra fish to ultra nitty…with more time being spent on nitty. I didn’t stay too long, but ended up making a little profit after getting it aipf with AA versus KQ and AK and somehow fading. Yea, I didn’t think it was possible to get action with AA twice in the same session either…
I also decided to make an awesome purchase yesterday and bought a fish. His name is Samuel Roosevelt and he is a little betta fish. I have no idea why, but I really like him, lol. He doesn’t seem to be eating his food at all yet, but he’s pretty calm and has some cool red stripes. I can easily see a full fish tank being a relaxing thing, so I might look into one of those when we move into a new place. Who knows…
Everything else is going well. I’m going to be taking a vacation pretty soon…not totally sure where to, but after this last work stint over the last couple months, I am in dire need of just taking a few days off and then getting back to focus and calm levels. And speaking of such, I’m going to go relax for 20 minutes before getting back to work. Hope all is well!


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