March 3 – Vacation Has Begun

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I started my vacation yesterday, and I will say this…I could get used to this, lol. I played a few hours of disc golf yesterday, enjoyed the sun and fresh air, and just kicked it the entire day. Also decided to buy some new shoes (as I am pretty sure that I wore the sole out of my adidas’s)…and hopefully these will last me more than a few months. My feet have been killing me lately while running, which is making it less enjoyable to go the gym. O well…hopefully this helps =)

Today I am just getting some last minute stuff done (cleaning, laundry, packing, etc.) and kicking it. I think I am going to bring “Stranger Than Fiction”, “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story”, “The Social Network”, and “The Town” with me on my iphone. I also got a ton of new music. DLed a bunch of old Juelz Santana stuff, the new Lupe disc, and the new Radiohead album as well. I thought the Radiohead disc was alright…but really only enjoyed “Little By Little”. Maybe I will enjoy it all later down the line
I have been playing a fair chunk of scrabble recently as well. I was undefeated for about 2 weeks straight (averaging a game/day)…and recently lost 2 games. It is always tough to say whether I lose due to skill, laziness, or luck. For instance, in the two games I lost, I only got 1 power tile (of the available 8 (4/game)). That automatically puts me at a roughly -35pt deficit per game…and it can be even worse v opponent’s who know how to use the power tiles well. But…I can’t say that it never works in my favor. For instance, here is my favorite scrabble game to date. I obvi had to luckrack like woah to do this…but I thought it was cool as hell, lol:

I opened with “Thins”
He played “Surf”
I played “Yipe”
He played “Giant”
I played “Crawling”
He quit

Quickest game, and most murderous, that I have ever played, lol. I will probably play a ton on the plane…as i tend to do. I have a scrabble program that actually shows me the nut word to play, which is nice. However, it is one of those things where the nut word is, by their definition, the most points/turn. When in actuality, there are times when playing that word could easily be terrible dependent on where on the board it is played. For instance, I have had to not play bingos because the points made in the bingo weren’t enough to make up for the possible points lost if I open a TW or something. And on that note…I will stop being a nerd about Scrabble strategy =)
I am going to go finish packing and probably play some video games. Hope all is well with yall!


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