May 15 – And It Continues On…

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I hate writing blog posts when I feel like I have nothing new or awesome to say, but I also hate not updating…so here it goes.

Work continues. We are getting so much done right now it is sickening…and the greatest thing is that even if this business fails out, at least we have such a springboard for the next business. It is kind of odd to think that at this age I have a sick understanding of such a wide range of business aspects. This is in no way a brag, just something that I am constantly trying to improve on but is cool to me.

So something I have been thinking about lately is the concept of money. Now I am going to say something that 90% of readers will disagree with, but I truly believe it with the given conditions. Ok, here we go…

“Money does not exist”

The conditions being 1.) you are intelligent and 2.) you do not have a 9-5. Now, the obvious thought after giving those conditions is that “well no shit money doesn’t exist, you aren’t making any, ldo”. However, assuming you can make cost of living doing something that doesn’t take up 40+ hours of your week, you have the ability to make money appear. You have the time to create a business. You have the ability to create a business. You don’t have the stress of the 9-5 that doesn’t only take up 40+ hours a week, but it also drains into your real life with stress and such.

There is obviously more to it, but that is the general thought. Thoughts?

And to finish up this post, here is a playlist of rap stuff I put together last night (the Eminem v. Royce da 5’9″ battle at the end is sooooooo sick and classic). Enjoy!



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