May 2 – Finally Done With April!

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It feels so good to be done with that damn month…and on to better things we go. I have been pretty busy with family the last few days, thus why I have been a bit slower on the updates…my bad. I ended up picking my sister from school (about a 1.5hr drive, 3hr roundtrip) on Thursday, and she was out here all weekend. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, so it was nice to catch up and see how she was doing at college.
My uncle and cousin also came up, and Abdul as well…so it was a good time. Got the dock in the water, and took the boat out as well. Overall, a very very relaxing weekend. Just played Yahtzee, ate food, and kicked it…no complaints from me =)
I still have yet to fully catch up sleep, which is tweaking me out. Though I suppose being up till 2 or 4 every day due to a certain someone, doesnt help matters any. That and all of my coaching days start relatively early for some odd reason…so I haven’t been able to get that 15hr sleep that I need to full recharge. Hopefully in time. I will be at my moms all weekend for Mother’s Day, and no students either…so that should be good.
Past that, everything is pretty much the same. Oh, I also got pulled over the other day, which was laughs. Ended up getting out of it, which I will credit solely to my boyish charm. She clocked me at 42 in a 30 going the opposite way…so even if she had ticketed me, I’m pretty sure I skate on that ticket every day. O well, always nice to maintain a pristine police record =)
Here is a playlist of things I have been listening to recently. Enjoy!

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