May 23 – Down On The Strip…

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So I picked up my Uncle and Aunt from the airport on Thursday, dropped their stuff off at their hotel, and grabbed lunch at the cafe at the Monte Carlo (terrible casino imo). Lunch was good (buffalo shrimp wrap ftw) and nice to catch up as I hadn’t seen either of them in a few months. So I went to drop them off, but their hotel room wasn’t quite ready yet, so I stayed with them while they played slots for a bit.

I noticed something very scary…I get a gambling itch from being around that. For those that don’t know, I had a little gambling issue my freshman/sophomore year of college. I spent way too much time in the pits, noticed I had a nasty lil addiction, and it took me about 3 months to really work through it and control it. I haven’t made a -EV bet (no scratch-offs, craps, pits, etc) in almost 3 years now, and I’m very proud of that. However, even having the small urge to do something as silly (imo anyway) as play slots made me nervous. So I didn’t stay too long before heading back home.

Friday, after getting some coaching and work done, Chris and I headed down to the strip. We were parking the car to meet my Aunt and Uncle at the Monte Carlo and as we are walking away from the car we notice that my window was going down, by itself. Kind of odd to say the least, so I got back in my car, started it, and tried to put my window up to no avail. Ended up doing valet just so I didn’t have to be as worried about theft, and then went to dinner (window is still busted ftr, and on top of that with how well I run, it’s a long weekend with the holiday so I have to wait even longer to get it working!).

Had dinner over at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris (had muscles, and probably the best salmon I’ve ever had in my life) and met some of my Uncle’s friends. Very cool people (all about 20 years older than myself) and it was funny watching the conversation progress. After that, Chris and I cut out, walked the strip for a bit, and then jumped over to Venetian to grind out for a bit. Only played for like 2 hours because I wasn’t feeling very well and ran super like usual. For a $600 pot I get ai on the turn with QT on Kh Jd 9c 7d and lose to KQdd, cuz wtf why not? I run a nice float and double stab, and of course run into a set (like 10% of his range, and the only part that doesn’t fold everytime). -1.5BI or so, which was frustrating being I ran like hell for my last 2 orbits.

And with that, I’m feeling like crap. I ate a burrito from like 4 days ago (it was in the fridge the whole time, but not wrapped) and my body is hating me. Probably just going to write some more of my book (this is starting to remind me of the Stewie+Brian sketch on Family Guy about “that novel”, lol) and pass out. Hope all is well everyone =)



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