May 31 – Steak Really Is Delicious

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So woke up Friday and got some chores done before trying to get a coaching session done. Had some technical difficulities, so had to push it back, but it gave me some extra time to get some work done before I headed down to the strip. Got down to the strip (parked at Venetian) about 6p or so, and went to meet my staker to get contracts signed and money. Decided to walk it as it was a nice cool day (cool being 90*) and enjoy the nice day as I hadn’t walked from Venetian to the B before and it was only like a 25 minute stroll. It was my first time at the Bellagio, so I walked around for a bit, and then headed back to the Venetian to put in my first session at 2/5NL on stake.

Pretty uneventful night. Only big pot was getting it aipf with AK and winning a coinflip against a nutters QQ. Apparently he felt that was reason enough to go on mega lifetilt. So he reloaded to $1K, and started squeezing to $200 whenever he could, and open raising to like $80. Saddly, I went super card dead for the rest of the night and on top of that, the nutter took the seat to my left while I was in the bathroom…FML

Woke up early on Saturday to get some cleaning done. The house was getting shown today (renting this one and upgrading) so it had to be spotless. I didn’t mind really because I am a super clean nit. So it feels good to have the bathroom immaculate and the carpets clear of dog hair. Got some feedback on my first product, and then took a shower and headed back to Venetian.

Good news for me, as I take my seat I see the same nutter from last night sit down at my table. HURRAY! I even get position on him after an hour (cuz I am a nit and will play musical chairs if I need to). However, I really get no spots at all. Only real hand was I overlimp 3 limpers with T9s, nutters ($1.4K) raises to $30 OTB, everyone calls (I have $600). Flop is Td 8s 5s. Checks to me, I check cuz nutter hates to not CB, a rando ($320) bets $65, nutter calls, folds to me, I make it $260, everyone folds. Nothing eventful, and I left a few hours later cuz the nutter was slowing down and I was tired.

I realized that I literally have no connection what so ever to money when I play. After the session I do sometimes, but while I’m playing, I see everything in terms of bigblinds. It is a very necessary skill, and I am glad I have it. So that will probably be it for live play for a lil bit as I’ll be back in Boston next weekend, and the following. O well. Hope all is well everyone =)



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