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After months of hard work, my new course The One Percent is finally available! This course has one goal in mind – to arm you with a complete strategy that you can use in any game.

The One Percent takes a frequency-first approach to the game, which may sound scary at first glance, but it’s how the best players visualize and attack poker. This complete series is a companion to the popular book “Poker’s 1%” by Ed Miller, who gave me permission to turn his work into a video series that doesn’t just rehash the content, rather it expands and explains all the subtleties that get lost in the original work.

By the end of this course, you will have a crystal-clear idea of things like:

  • How often you should barrel (even when you totally miss the flop)
  • How the best players in the game THINK about poker (hint: flopping 2pair+ is NOT the goal)
  • What percentage of your turn ranges should be bluffs
  • How to protect your ranges and avoid getting run over by tough players
  • How to internalize these concepts so you can actually USE them at the tables

The goal is not just to flood your brain with the right poker theory. The goal is to help you understand the theory, build a model, AND practice it so you can apply it properly in real-time.

Wondering what is covered? Here is the entire video list for The One Percent

Breaking Apart Your Flawed Strategy

Concepts include common leaks that players have (and that you almost certainly have too!), two simple rules to help you keep your strategy in order, and clear answers to the common objections of this style.

The 70% Model

Get guided through the 70% model and its visual element – the pyramid.

Concepts include how frequencies create these pyramids, common pyramid issues most players have, jagged vs smooth edges, and tips for exploiting players who have pyramid issues.

Branching Your Ranges & Exceptions

Explore situations where the initiative changes hands. By understanding branching, and when pyramids will naturally split, you can more fully prepare your ranges to retain smooth sides for the entirety of the hand. This video also explores some common pyramid exceptions and additions that will help give you a well-rounded understanding of this powerful model.

Applying The 70% Model

See how an actual hand gets broken down using the 70% model. This video moves fast, but shows you how to build your ranges with logic and ensure your continuance percentages are high enough.

Poker Hand Breakdown

Bluffing & Value Betting Ratios

Learn how value:bluff ratios factor into your betting and raising frequencies. See how the base ratios works, what they actually look like in combo form, and get taken through a long-form example to see it applied.

5 Common Errors

We dissect 5 of the most common frequency errors that you will see in pretty much every session you play. Concepts include folding vs. small raises, river raising ranges, monotone boards, and more. Spot the leaks, exploit the leaks, and patch any of these leaks that you might have!

The Good/Bad/Non Event Concept

Check out the good, bad, and non event framework. By correctly identifying if events are good, bad, or normal you can quickly deduce if your own frequencies should bend up or down. Then take this a step further to attack regs who don’t properly adjust their frequencies when the event dictates it.

Refining Your Hand Selection

Now that you know how often you should be continuing, learn how to select the right combos that set you up for success.

Choosing Bluffs

What If You Get Raised?

Sometimes your opponent actually has the guts to raise you – that’s fine. See how your ranges adjust and frequencies shake out by folding less and forcing your opponent to show up with a real hand.

How Should You Be Raising?

Aggression is beautiful, but aggression with proper ranges is even better. Learn how to grab the initiative by raising with the right hands at the right time.

Overall, that’s about 6.5 hours of videos. But The One Percent has even more! Remember, the goal is to help you practice and internalize these concepts as well. So I made homework to guide you through the SAME exact kind of exploration that I do.

Included are 3 in-depth exercises that guide you through 3betting, CBing the flop, and barreling. And to make your life even easier, I also created videos for each to show you HOW to complete them and answer keys so you can double-check your work and ensure you didn’t go astray.

Poker Exercises

And to sweeten the pot, I’m also including my custom 70% spreadsheet so you can quickly enter some numbers and get an idea the combos and value:bluff breakdown for each street. Plus you’ll receive my 70% cheat sheet which gives a simplified breakdown of combos & ratios on a per street basis given a variety of starting ranges. These additions give you a way to constantly find quick starting point that you can then refine through exploration!

You may be wondering if The One Percent is right for you?

The simple answer is that this course is for every no limit player.

The One Percent gives you a complete back-pocket strategy, something you can always revert to when you don’t have great information on your opponent. How often do you have limited info on a player, or do you sit down at a table of completely random players? This course guides your strategy in these games while ALSO protecting you from being run over by solid players.

That’s a huge win/win that 99% of players would benefit from!

The One Percent is the best bridge between hardcore GTO poker (something that is SUPER complex and almost impossible to apply in real-time) and purely-exploitative poker. You’ll learn a strategy that you can always use, and optimize it whenever you have information on your opponent. But this material grounds your strategic foundation and allows you to build optimization methods atop, rather than solely relying on information to make +EV plays.

Here is the honest truth. If I lost all of my poker knowledge and had to relearn the game from scratch today – this is the course I would start with. Seriously.

Hell, I digested this information almost 10 years into playing poker and it totally changed my approach to the game within a week. I cannot stress enough how huge and important this model and these concepts are.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to make this course. To take one of my favorite books “Poker’s 1%” and turn it into a full-fledged course that was able to dive a level or two deeper was an absolute honor.

If you know your game needs something, but you aren’t sure what – take this course.

If you know you aren’t bluffing often enough, but aren’t sure where to start – take this course.

If you are preparing to move up in the next 6 months – take this course.

Honestly, you can watch and digest a majority of the material in a single weekend, and then continue refining it with the homework & practice over time. It’s the kind of work I think all students should be doing, and I can’t wait to hear how your strategy is impacted when you finish it and get a chance to start putting it to use.

Here is what one of the first viewers though after watching the whole course…

“I enjoyed the One percent series a lot.  There’s a lot of good info there about frequencies that will come in handy in tougher games especially.  For me personally it has helped to keep me from folding too much.  My betting frequencies were already closer to correct but I was definitely folding way too often, especially on the flop.  I have been winning a lot more pots recently by simply not over folding and turning that into wins on later streets.” – Chris S. $1/$2 Live Player

Ready to pick up your copy? Grab it today and upgrade your game this week!

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