November 19 – Back In Business!

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Ship the jar of rungood. I got my laptop fixed up yesterday and I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back and working on my machine again. Turns out I just needed a new fan and I haven’t had a hiccup since. And I have been pretty damn productive since…which I am happy about.

Today was kind of a rollycoaster. Got in a really bad mood earlier when I effed up some backtesting stuff and realized how behind I am on certain things. Figured I wouldn’t let myself get too down on that so decided to get all of my phone calls out of the way for the week and also finished up my shortstacking document. I seriously do not think I have written something so…valuable…before. It is only 8 pages with a few charts, but it is the most intense shortstacking system I have come across. Only reason I wrote it was because one of my students wanted to shortstack…but I charge a lot for it…so I figured I would put some serious time into it.

Then I got a PM from dtan about getting a coaching/staking stable off the ground. I agreed and off we go. The offer is focused at 25NL/50NL FR players looking to get moving upwards…and you get coaching with me =) Here is the link for those interested. I have been looking to get involved in something like this for awhile, so hopefully it takes off and hopefully everyone wins in the end of it all.

Nothing else really big or new. I am going to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving for sure, and just bought my plane tickets for Boston (spending pretty much all of December there)…so I will be out and about the next month or so. Should be a good time, but I’ll just be working like usual. I am not looking forward to snow, but then again I hate when it is only 65* out here…so whatever. If anyone is out in the Boston area during that time give me a HU…I’m always looking for more people to eat Legal with =)

Random stuff: I decided to drive into the desert the other day because the sky was looking cool and I was really ADD-ing. I took some pictures that will be attached (just with my iPhone, hence the quality). Apparently the cool car club of Vegas meets in the desert because as I was driving in a large collection of awesome cars was driving 90mph in the opposite direction. Cars included were a lambo, 2 gorgeous porches and an M3. I finally got my doc appointment all set up. For some odd reason spam bots are loving my site…I randomly got 200 spam comments in 24hrs this week. Why do some people treat their Facebook accounts like Twitter accounts?…use the right service dammit. I have fallen in love with cherry 7up…that is all




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