November 22 – Busy Ass Weekend

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The weekend was good, though busy. Ended up doing 6 hours of coaching, which may not seem like a lot of hours…but I assure you, 6 hours of hardcore focusing and thinking and talking is damn intense, lol. Also had my shortstacking student which I think went really well, and got all of his questions answered on the document I mentioned in a previous blog post. I am absolutely wiped, so this post will be short. I’ll make it up at some point.

Took Friday night pretty easy. Just jumped over to crEATe with my roommate and enjoyed a meal before bed. Felt like a loser still going to bed before midnight on a weekend…but O well…it is a severe function of the work schedule. Got a good 13hrs of sleep, did students all day Saturday, and then jumped down to the strip at night. Met up with Equus Ansus from 2p2 with my roommate over at Noodle Asia at the Venetian. I honestly do not think there is a better place to get shrimp fried rice…trust me. Equus was a cool kid…def a smart guy who has his head on straight…and always cool to meet a student (albeit not for quiiiiiiiite some time) in real life.

Was supposed to meet up with some college friends after that, but they ended up bailing on me. So I walked the strip for a little bit and considered putting in a session over at PH. But I could not figure out where an actual ATM was (they had these odd ticket machines that I thought were ATMs…but alas, they were not)…so decided it was an omen not to play and went home. Woke up this morning, did 3 more hours of coaching, and here I am. Super tired, and have my alarm set at 5:30a to make sure I am up for the open…sweet =) Hope all is well…and in light of my horrible post, here is a song…enjoy!

(also, random…but hopefully yall enjoy the new buttons. Now you know wtf they are for, lol)



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