November 8 – Weekend Update

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Things have been pretty interesting over the last few days. My sleep schedule is totally LOL-able. I am averaging 14 hours of sleep per day, which leads me to believe that I am sick. This kind of scares me because the girl I was hanging out with in Boston the whole week just came down with swing flu yesterday. Hopefully I missed it and don’t have that, or any other virus…but time shall tell. I am also doing odd things like going to bed at 6p and waking up 4 hours later. I can’t seem to get a full 8+hrs of sleep…so I am just taking lots of long naps per day. Waking up at these odd hours has me really tweaked, but at least I’m functioning =)

Trading stuff is going pretty well. Ended up finding a very sick system and back-testing has been very profitable thus far. The plan is to live test it for a few days and then re-eval from there. I have a lot of faith in it, and our risk management system is pretty awesome off the bat. So hopefully we get some positive results and we can start grinding that out.

Poker grinding has been going well. I actually got to suck out on somone the other day which was odd (AA v 65 on a K955 in a 3b pot (binked the A on the river)) and nice. I am playing pretty damn well, though because I am playing at such primetime hours, my stats have been super nitty (11/9-13/11). I love running looser, but profit is profit. I have also collected some awesome hands so I might end up doing some poker hand reviews on them…though maybe I shouldn’t because they were cool bluffs, and I don’t need people calling me down lighter =)

Doing well on my goals thus far. Started reading “The Secret” (which btw was given to me as a gift by my ‘friend who is a girl’ in Boston)…and I will give some reviews on that when I am done with it. Started making some music the other night, and have some hands under my belt. Also picked up one new student already, and just came up with some more incentives for those looking for coaching. I decided to do an End of Year coaching sale…so prices are discounted on 3hr packages (and super discounted for 2NL-10NL players). Link for those interested. I really think this will be my favorite thing ever, because I love shorter packages and I love that I get to do my favorite types of sessions (sweat, HH review, theory lecture)….and hopefully students agree =)

Past that, I am going down to the strip to meet up with Kurt for breakfast, and then I’m back here for 3 hours of coaching, a nap, and then the markets. Hope the weekend was solid for everyone



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