October 25 – Still Breathing

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Things continue to move along. The weekend was odd. Woke up Friday, finished up with a student, and realized that the markets were fully closed. I didn’t really know what to do to be honest as the entire week had been based around following charts and markets and strat talk, etc. I figured at that point I would try to relax, which ultimately failed because I was stressing over trying to relax, lol. I really need to get better at chilling out and such. I honestly think it will be easier when I’m back east, but I struggled to badly this weekend. O well.

Got quite a bit of racquetball in this weekend which was good. We’ve been trying to do 1hr per day, and usually do 5-6 sessions per week. The matches have been fairly even, but probably slightly slanted in Cwa’s favor…O well. I swear having 2 poker players doing anything turns everything into a damn EV conversation. Every time we talk about racquetball it is discussed in terms of +EV, -EV, or neutral EV to regain position. I have had to do a large overhaul in my game due to this high front wall blast shot he uses, but I’m slowly making it a good reversal for me. Though I’m doing my best to have racquetball be fun, and not something that I get all worked about if I’m not the best at it.

Ended up putting in some good hours yesterday, though by accident. I started a session at 10p because I was feeling lazy, and ended up closing up around 2a…having no idea that 4hrs had passed. Games were good (obviously being a Saturday night) and I like usual rode the swings out. I need to figure out how to beat 1/2 stackers…they seem to be killing me…hitting their 2-5 outs like machines when they are all-in. Fave ones were 77 v AA ai on 742, KK v KQ ai on Q84, and KK v AJ ai on JT2… It is really only annoying because those pots add up so nicely at the end of a session. So instead of being breakeven, you would have been +2BI or so… O well, variance will even itself out eventually. I did have a fun hand at the tail end of my session last night. I ended up winning it, but the whole damn hand is kind of bizzare. Link if you are interested.

Not fully sure what I am going to do this week. I may just randomly buy a plane ticket at the end of the week and head back to Boston for a few days…really have no idea. I have quite a few coaching sessions set up, so I’m looking forward to that…and might start doing some trading as well. Meh, not sure. Here is a playlist that I played too all last night…enjoy if you are into chill out grind music.

Hope all is well!



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