Poker Hand Review – AA Overbet Shove

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$0.25/$0.50 9 Player No Limit Hold’em Cash Game, 6 Players @ The Table
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MP: $103.95
CO: $46.60
BTN: $137.35
SB: $6.60
Hero (BB): $50
UTG: $49.50

Pre-Flop: Hero is BB with A of hearts A of clubs
UTG raises to $2, 2 folds, BTN calls $2, SB folds, Hero raises to $7.35, UTG calls $5.35, BTN calls $5.35

Flop: ($22.30) 5 of spades 9 of clubs 8 of spades (3 players)
Hero bets $42.65 and is all-in

So this is the original hand. UTG is a player who doesn’t appear to like me very much. I have 4b him once, have stolen as much as possible from him, and just been a PITA. He is running 11/8 over the last 150 hands, and is on a few tables with me. Hero has been running a lovely 32/26 on this table, and has been just raise/CB-ing with minimal success mostly. And BTN is a very bad, very spewy 43/5 over 40 hands. No other notes of history for this hand.

UTG opens to 4x, BTN flats, and it is my action. Now normal betsizing would say i should go to 4x here, or $8. I decide to tone it down a little bit here. If I go too large, say $9.25, I may scare some of the strong/weak pairs from UTG, like TT or JJ. I also really don’t want to lose BTN. Also, if I go to what I did, $7.35, and UTG calls, then BTN will surely call, making a nice $22 pot, and $42 back…for a simple 2SPR pot. Although multi-way pots tends to suck with hands like AA and KK, this is a spot where the SPR is mistake proof and also keeps them in with favorable ranges.

The flop is perfect for my hand as it misses TT-KK (the logical setting range of UTG), and keeps all of his pairs as overpairs. BTN, well if he hit a hand, then good for him. Again, the SPR is so low that folding isn’t an option. I actually decide to take an odd line and shove here. I figured this might look bluffy to UTG, and that if he calls, then BTN might come along with a 1pr hand as well. It is a very optimistic that i get both stacks in the middle with a super edge, but odder things have happened =). So I do shove, and then…

UTG calls $42.15 and is all-in, BTN folds

Turn: ($106.60) Q of spades (2 players, 2 are all-in)
River: ($106.60) 5 of hearts (2 players, 2 are all-in)

Results: $106.60 pot ($3 rake)
Hero showed A of hearts A of clubs (two pairs, Aces and Fives) and won $103.60 ($54.10 net)
UTG showed J of hearts J of spades (two pairs, Jacks and Fives) and lost (-$49.50 net)

The real interesting part of this hand is looking at it from UTG’s POV. He raises UTG with JJ to 4x (I would obviously suggest 3x. If you are going to be OOP almost always, and pretty much unable to stack off JJ as an overpair well, then why make the pot bigger?), gets a call by a super spewtard, and then another spewtard squeezes (I’m sure he views me as a spewtard and not as a solid player). He actually has a pretty tough spot here when he gets squeezed. Flatting, imo, is the worst of the options. Let’s look at the options closely:

1.) Fold. Well we don’t lose much which is nice. Folding preflop is neutral EV. And my stack is threatened by this one single 3b…I don’t think much of an edge can be had here given stack off range, and I’m not 100% sure of the squeeze range

2.) 4b. Again, if we commit here, we don’t really have an edge (we may sometimes, but probably not often). So this isn’t a great option

3.) Call. We have position, which is almost negated by the lowly SPR. Also, I’m going to have to see this flop MW as monkey in the middle, not good stuff. Also, with JJ, an overcard will hit the flop about 45% of the time…thats uncomfortable for putting in almost 20% of my stack preflop to play the “did you miss your overcards or did you have an overpair the whole time? while dodging babysets and junk” game

Folding would be best for UTG unless he knows that I am not only squeezing light, but stacking in some hands he has an edge on. His edge is pretty much not there at all against a logical stack range, so fold fold fold…and don’t get trapped



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