September 23 – Holy God My Body Is In Pain

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So in a continuing effort to work out and exercise more, my roommate and I started playing racquetball. Went to the store yesterday and I got some new racquets/googles/balls (as I lost the set in one of many moves that i had from college) and hit the court. What an amazing game (and tbh, we had to look up the rules because I had completely forgotten how to play) and work out. Was struggling hardcore yesterday to breathe, but the session this morning went much better, and a 40minute session wasn’t nearly as bad.

Had a student this morning, and then started grinding. Grinding has been going well. I got a nice shipment of $0.03 from Rusty Nails (thank you again good sir!) which generally seems to strike a run good match…and that it did. I am actually more aggro now than I have been in quite some time, but super balanced in aggression application. Playing very well, avoiding coolers, and actually hit a 2 outter! (KK v a 1/2stack idiot’s A9 on 998). Hopefully more of this to come!

So finished up sessions today, and went to put in another racquetball session. Did an hour this time and again was breathing much better…but holy shit am I sore. My entire lower back feels like I got ran over by a motorcycle. I think I will take tomorrow off as almost 2hrs of exercise when your body is used to like a 1/2hr at most might kill you. Feels really good though, getting myself into more of a routine, and a healthy one at that.

I did actually laugh the other day that people on FTP seemed to have not forgotten me. I was over there trying to get my HUD set up and also get some software stuff working (mouse scroll wasn’t working correctly) and had a few people say hello. Meant to put in some sessions over there but the games are fucking infested with shortstacks…like…to the point where the shortstackers are all losing money LR (but making a few bucks per hour thanks to RB). So sad to see people that dumb…though even sadder to see the regs that stay at the tables and get chewed up by it.

Other than poker and work out stuff, nothing is really new. Just grind grind grind. Hope all is well!



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