September 27 – The Grind Is Back

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Feels so good to be grinding again. Also feels good to have fully snapped that downswing I mentioned a post or so again. It hit -9.5BI I believe, and I finally killed it a day or so ago. I feel like my game is really starting to get sicker. I am spending a lot of time still trying to find those pressure points on certain players, and the results have been quite solid thus far. I will just continue grinding on. I am doing my best not to focus on stats (something most of us become guilty of from time to time) and just focusing on keeping the best stats given the situation.

Coaching has actually gotten a small kick in the pants which is nice. The coaching cycle is so random sometimes…I will go from like 1-2 sessions per week to randomly 8-10. No complaints from me though. I have been having a lot of fun with it, and got to do some hyper-LAG sessions with students, did a 100%vpip session, did some intro-sessions…all good stuff. I swear coaching is my best medicine…so much so that when I feel my game may be off I spend every playing session like a coaching one (I will actually narrate all of my actions and reasons). Very good idea for those that don’t do it already. It forces your brain to process information twice (once when it makes an action, and twice when it hears your reasoning)…and it will catch mistakes more often. Good exercise for sure.

My wrist is also in a ton of pain. I think I did something to it during racquetball the other day (I guess doing a 2hr session was a silly choice, lol)…and it has been throbbing ever since. I have been wearing my wrist brace again with varying levels of pain relief…if it gets worse I will just go get an X-ray…better safe than sorry. Though it is nice that I have options if my wrist is busted…I can always set up my Dragon software and play poker with my voice…would be a pain…but options are always good =)

I also got my Google shit all set up the other day…so fingers crossed my sitemap is actually being read. I have been indexed very minimally because of it, and thus people have not been able to find this blog through search engines easily. So hopefully this should help, and maybe increase traffic a bit. Although I suppose I should be happy that I get 100views+/day…I would just like more. Although I guess that just means I will get more spam comments (I am at 450+ spam comments, *sigh*)…but O well.

Shit is going pretty well, so no complaints. Meeting my daily goals met, exercising more (and feeling great (other than the wrist, ldo) because of it), eating decently…hoping it all continues

Hope all is well with everyone



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