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This is my first poker book containing 350 pages of detailed strategy.  It took me months to finish it and years of playing + studying to write it…but it lays the ground work for profitable play in all sorts of games.  Whether you are working on your preflop poker strategy, or postflop game; this ebook is here to help you deeply understand concepts and show you how/when to make strategic adjustments.  While it does say “Full Ring Poker” in the title, the concepts are universal and carry over to 6max (and live poker!) as well. DFRP is a staple of any cash game poker book collection, so get your copy today!

I’m very proud of the first poker book I ever wrote, Dynamic Full Ring Poker, which was reviewed as “the best full ring book out there, bar none” by one reader. This expansive book has over 350 pages chocked with content sure to improve your full ring poker knowledge. Whether you are just learning the game or looking to fix up some leaks, this book is sure to provide tremendous value. Here is what notorious CardRunners coach Verneer had to say on the book:

Bottom Line: For anyone playing 50NL and below at FR and winning less than 1.5PTBB/100 (3bb/100), this is a great investment. It have not seen a better outline to today’s FR games on the market and have already recommended this book to two of my FR students.

…If you are looking to get a FR coach, invest in this first, and if you are still struggling, THEN get coaching IMO.

DFRP takes a linear approach and starts with preflop strategy while getting into postflop strategy. It looks at each play and talks about what goes into each line, and what factors would influence the line we take. On top of that, this books offers some extra value to online players with the inclusion of hud stats, ranges, and player type breakdowns. Below is the table of contents for the ebook…

Table Of Contents

Introduction (by: Steve Sundberg)
1.) The Preflop Warm Up
2.) Preflop Hand Selection
3.) Calling Raises
4.) Isolating
5.) 3Betting
6.) Squeezing
7.) 4Betting
8.) Preflop Adjustments
9.) The Postflop Warm Up
10.) Understanding Showdown Value
11.) Continuation Betting
12.) Floating And Calling
13.) Check Raises
14.) Playing 3Bet Pots Postflop
15.) Playing Big Hands On The Flop
16.) Flop Adjustments
17.) Barreling
18.) Value Betting
19.) Turn/River Adjustments
20.) Creative Line Composition
End Game

When Dynamic Full Ring Poker was originally released it had a $97 price tag for the ebook, and now it can be yours for just $20! Once purchased, you will receive a zip file with the PDF, MOBI, and EPUB files…so the book can be read (and sometimes even read to you!) on a variety of devices including your computer, iPad, tablet, phone, etc. And while this book has Full Ring in the title, it can easily be used as a 6max strategy book as well. While certain ranges, stats, and frequencies change between FR and 6max, the underlying concepts and decision matrices are very similar. Interested in what some readers have said about DFRP? Read below:

No book can make you a guaranteed winner in such a complex game as poker. But Dynamic Full Ring Poker gives you the important tools that the long term winners use for thinking about the game in a way that gives them an edge over most of the competition, so you have a chance to be one of them. It does so in an almost seductively simple, clear and concise way that is very easy to understand. It almost describes an ABC poker style on steroids that helps brings in the money in small stakes full ring. And this books has some serious poker muscles! Deceptive and more fancy play has it place in every good poker players arsenal but first you got to have a great understanding of the fundamentals. Dynamic Full Ring Poker major strength is that it shows that thinking right about poker situations can easily be taught to everyone without being overly simplistic.

I have been a fan of Jame’s blog for quite awhile and was glad to see that he was writing a book. James is a master of digging deep into the technical side of poker. When reading his book be prepared to spend time reading, experimenting, rereading, thinking and reading some more. For those looking to elevate their cash game, this is the book to read. James is teaching you how to think like a poker player – not giving you a set of rules to abide by. If you are looking for a magic bullet – this isn’t it. If you are willing to truely work hard on improving your game and want to learn a new way to approach poker, then this is the tool you are looking for.

…In addition to demonstrating the use of statistics to establish and narrow ranges, and to project an opponent’s likely actions and responses based on different board textures, Splitsuit also discusses broader concepts (such as the “Minimax game”) that may currently be unfamiliar to the reader, but which are absolutely essential to the development of a materially positive long term winrate.

Two specific sections towards the end of the book which I’ve found to be incredibly valuable are (a) a reflection of Splitsuit’s default lines and (b) the database adjustment section. The default lines provide a clear understanding of what one professional’s default actions will be, per street, under a variety of standard circumstances, absent any material reads on the opponent. The database adjustment section reflects specific items for which to filter within your database to identify and rectify significant leaks within your game.

Two-thumbs up and a must-read for any developing small/microstakes full-ring cash game player.

Buy DFRP now and start improving your game today!

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