Hole Card Confessions eBook (Qtip)


This book is great for players working on their hand reading.  It goes through numerous examples and discusses strategy, hand reading, and other poker essentials.  If you are looking for an strategy book that is also a lot of fun, you’ve found it!

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“Hole Card Confessions” has become the new staple in the hand reading poker ebook market. This book takes a very analytical approach to hand reading in today’s games, and is a must for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable reading hands and ranges. Similar to Qtip’s other books, this is very linear and each chapter builds upon knowledge learned from previous material. And really, that is how hand reading is done anyway!

In 193 pages Qtip teaches you how to read ranges, consider shapes, and of course create optimal lines with that information. Each section also ends with a quiz, which is a great way to ensure you really understood the covered material. This book is a great combination of workbook and poker theory book that creates an extremely valuable resource to players of all calibers. Don’t just take my word for it…read below for reviews from some other poker players:

I just picked up Hole Card Confessions this week and am very impressed. I’ve bought a lot of poker books over the years and this one stands out for the quality of information contained….This book covers ranges, types of ranges and visualization of ranges. It covers player types and what information you need to collect on opponents to start exploiting them. It explains where value comes from in a hand and steal equity. It goes over leveling and then ends with a short hand history review with comments on play from both sides.” -ajloeffl

One of the strengths of this book is that it has the best and most intuitive explanation of range based thinking I have ever seen and teaches you how to value your hand against an opponents range. Others allude to this but Owen actually teaches you how to do it. The book is much easier to read than many of the NL Cash books books on the market and full of good analysis. It’s changed the way I approach NL cash and after years of nitting it up and hoping that my strong starting hands will hold up at showdown, I finally feel like I am “outplaying” my opponents in cash games.” -zerosum79

“Hole Card Confessions” is a no-brainer if you need to improve your hand reading ability. The skill is what seperates the winning players versus the breakeven, so start improving today! And if you are interested in other poker books by Qtip, add this book to your basket and check out some of his other awesome books. If you are looking for a poker video on hand reading, consider also picking up my video.

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