Poker Math That Matters eBook (Qtip)


This book is a must if you need to improve your poker math knowledge.  It takes a very linear approach, slowly building upon previous concepts/math, until you are able to do advanced poker math with ease!  If you feel your poker math could be stronger, this is a snap-buy.

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“Poker Math That Matters” has quickly become the best poker math ebook in today’s growing poker book market. Author Owen Gaines, or more commonly known as “Qtip”, has been playing poker professionally for more than 5 years and has created a very large library of videos for Stox Poker and Drag The Bar. Owen has recently taken to writing poker strategy books, and his most popular book is arguably “Poker Math That Matters”.

This book is over 200 pages and goes back and forth between poker theory and practice. Each section ends with a quiz (and has answers at the end of the book) to give you a chance to practice whatever material was just covered. In my opinion, this is the best way to really learn poker. Read about it, learn about it, and then put it to use to really ensure everything stuck. And this book really covers everything related to poker math. Everything from G-bucks to poker combos, to basic equity and complex EV lines. Every poker play can stand to improve their math, and this book aims to do that in a very graspable and concise manner!

With your order you will receive the PDF, Mobi, and ePUB versions of the book, to ensure you can read it on any device or computer. Interested in what other players have said about this book? Read some of these stellar reviews below…

Owen Gaines’s books are fantastic! If you’re struggling with the Math portions of NLHE (I was horrible to say the least,) you can have it all down pat in no more than three days with some intense reading. For example, before I read this book calculating EV scared the bejesus out of me and absolutely boggled my mind when I attempted it. I actually did it succesfully for the first time live at a table last night. Unreal. Thank you QTip! Already on to your next book!” -strongrad50

This was an excellent book. All the math you will need for playing poker presented in a very condensed and easy to understand format. Each chapter built on the previous material. Well organized and well written.” -High Time John

There is no better time to start improving your poker math, which only helps improve other aspects of your poker strategy. And if you are interested in other poker books by Qtip, add this book to your basket and check out some of his other awesome material!

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