Elliot Roe – Poker Hypnosis Package


Elliot Roe is the leading poker hypnotist, here to help you with your mental game. I’ve personally worked with Elliot in the past and cannot recommend him enough. He normally sells EACH MP3 for $25, but you can pick up this 5 MP3 package for a significant savings. Just purchase today, throw on the correct MP3 for each stage of your session, and get to grinding!


Here are the contents in this package:

Live Poker Mindset

Online Poker Mindset

Online Pregame

Post-Session Warm Down

Sleep Hypnosis

The total runtime of this series is over 1.5 hours and is meant to help you during each part of your session. Warm up with an MP3, listen to another while playing, listen to another once the session is over, and even listen to one to help you sleep that night!

Not 100% sure if this is right for you? Learn more about what hypnosis by Elliot with this video:

Start taking the mental aspect of your game seriously and enjoy a sick savings while doing so.

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