Playing 3-Bet Pots Series


You 100% need a solid 3-betting strategy to succeed in today’s games. 3-bet pots can seem scary because there is often little margin for error once the flop is seen – but with a profitable plan of attack these pots can be very simple with both AA and 96o. These videos were created to help you navigate through these tricky spots – giving you a plan whether you 3-bet, faced a 3-bet, and/or went postflop. If you hate facing 3-bets and don’t know when to widen your ranges; this pack is for you!

About Playing 3-Bet Pots Series

3-bet pots can seem complicated. They are big pots, and any mistakes you make can blow up your session’s profit in a moment. But when you have a proper plan of a attack and when you know WHAT to look for when getting involved – these pots becomes quite simple. Upgrade your play in 3-bet pots when you pick up this pack with over 2 hours of content to take your play in 3-bet pots to a whole new level.

  • When to 3bet a wider value range
  • When to pull the trigger and light 3bet
  • What goes into making a +EV CB in a 3bet pot
  • How to handle when your opponent 3bets you
  • What to 4bet with and when to pull the trigger
  • Floating in 3bet pots (both preflop AND postflop!)
  • And other vital skills to improve your play in 3bet pots.

Simplifying 3-Bet Pots

The video covers three different hands where we are the 3bettor – one bluff, one value hand, and one semi-bluff. In each of these, I go over the preflop dynamic and whether the 3bet is a good one or not, but the purpose of the video is to focus on postflop play. When you become comfortable playing 3bet pots postflop, you’ll feel better about opening up your 3bet range preflop – adding more bluffs and semi-bluffs to your play.

This in turn will actually help you make more money when you 3bet with a value hand, widening our range and making opponents make mistakes against us. Fortunately, one of the reasons that 3bet pots can be easier to analyze is that ranges are often tighter, so we can often zero in more closely on our opponents’ holdings and choose the most profitable line.

Reacting To 3Bets

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Facing 3-bets is not only annoying, but it has become more and more common in today’s aggressive poker games. While facing 3bets and resteals can be tricky, having a solid plan of attack is crucial for your success. This video goes through each type of poker hand strength (yes, we even discuss AK and JJ) to give you the confidence to handle these 3bets in a variety of situations.

If you ever feel lost in these spots, this video is a must-have! We discuss value hands, bluff hands, tough hands like AK and JJ, and even floating 3bets at both full ring and 6max. Part of becoming a great player is making advanced 3-bets well, but knowing how to play when facing a 3bet is just as important in today’s aggressive games. Buy this high-definition video today to improve this necessary skill and take your game to a new level!

Advanced 3Betting In Position

(with guest-coach Christian Soto)

This video features Christian Soto (who went by the moniker “ToppestPear” at the time), an old student of Splits and now a coach himself, who primarily plays deep stacked cash games across the US. He brings a live player perspective, including live dynamics and range assumptions, to create a really well-rounded view for both live and online players.

For online players we discuss the hud and popups to estimate the value of our 3 bet as well as the value of future plays. Other topics are also discussed like using the hud, using your popup to find detailed information, sample sizes, default ideas, bet sizes, and even representation.

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Your purchase comes with my popular video all about when and how to get AK and QQ all-in preflop. This skillset is vital when you play in aggressive games – but also when you have a mix of aggressive players and passive players at the same table.

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If you’re ready to take your 3betting game to a new level both when 3betting yourself and facing 3bets – invest a fistful of red chips and start fighting for more pots that you deserve to win!


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