Poker Plays You Can Use eBook (Doug Hull)


Poker Plays You Can Use is Doug Hull’s first book.  It was edited by Ed Miller (yes, THAT Ed Miller) so you know the strategy and concepts are top-notch.  This book has over 250 pages, dissecting live poker from $1/$2-$5/$10.  Doug covers basic concepts up to advanced concepts like triple barreling to give you a well-rounded live poker education.  The concepts also apply for online play (good strategy works for both live and online poker), but live players will benefit greatly from Doug’s live hand reading and player stereotyping skills!  Upon purchase you will get an instant-download including the .PDF and .MOBI so you can begin reading it right away.

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This ebook gives you everything you need to improve your live poker strategy.  It includes a nice mix of hand histories, anecdotes, hand reading, and internal dialogues to give you both strategy and an enjoyable read.  Due to the general flow of the book you can’t go wrong by either reading it front-to-back, or just flipping to a random chapter to read up on a subject that interests you.  Strategy overlaps in this book to ensure the important stuff gets hammered in your brain, while gems are scattered throughout to give extra depth when necessary.

Hands are laid out in an interesting format in this book, but one that is better than traditional online hand histories.  These hand history tables give you all the information you need so you are never lost when going through a hand:

doug hull hand history

 (There is a section in the beginning of the book to teach you how to read them with ease!)

Whether you play $1/$2 or $2/$5 live cash games, this book will be a welcome edition to your poker library.  This book is unique in that it combines elements of a traditional poker strategy book along with missions.  After 49 chapters of poker strategy, most chapters covering 1-2 hands each, Doug gives you 24 missions.  These missions are ways of getting you look at your real-time game differently and step away from your normal points of focus.  If your game is stagnant and needs some rejuvenation…these missions will be a God-send (and fun!)

So buy today, start reading today, and improve your live poker winrate right away.

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