The Bet Sizing Course


This course takes a comprehensive look at bet sizing at a macro and micro level. Taught by coach “w34z3l” for Red Chip Poker, you’ll learn the default sizes, key variables, and analyze bluff and value hands. There is no better resource for improving this crucial skillset.


This course contains 17 videos and has a runtime of 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Videos included are:

  1. Intro
  2. Sizing Orientation
  3. Situational Variables
  4. Strength Variables
  5. Exploitative Bluffing
  6. Bluff Sizing Analysis
  7. Exploitative Value Betting
  8. Value Sizing Analysis
  9. Overbet/Underbet Crash Course
  10. Exploitative Preflop Sizings
  11. GTO Myths and Legends
  12. Sizing Formulae
  13. Range Interactions
  14. Bet Sizing Trees (Lab)
  15. Complex Variables (Lab)
  16. River Play
  17. Outtro

You also get a spreadsheet with numerous tools like an EV calculator, sizing finder, value sizing, etc. Make it your goal to watch one video per day and see how much stronger your sizing strategy in just a few weeks. Good luck!

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