SplitSuit Poker Store FAQ

What is the SplitSuit Poker Store?

This is the shopping element of this site. From here you can view all of the poker products that are on sale, which includes poker videos, poker ebooks, and other products. To learn more about a product, simply click on it and read the entire description box.

How do I purchase an item?

You can either click Add to cart from the shop page, or from a product page. You can view your cart at anytime by clicking Cart from the main navigation.

Which payment options are available?

You can use PayPal and/or any major credit card. Just checkout using the PayPal method and enter your details when prompted.

How do memberships work?

You can purchase the best poker memberships right here.  At this time I don’t offer a membership directly from this site, but I did found (and create monthly videos) for Red Chip Poker.

Are there extra discounts available?

I run sales and promotions quite often. However, if you want a request a discount for buying multiple items at once, contact me and we can have a discussion. I’ve been known to make a deal or two =P

I made a purchase, where can I download it?!

Any digital product (ebook, poker video, etc.) comes with an instant download option*. Once you’ve made your order, you will be sent an email invoice that also contains your download links.

You can also see your download link(s) when you are returned to the order completion page.

*In the rare event that you aren’t given any download link(s), please contact me right away so I can manually send you them!

What format are the videos in?

Almost every video and video series is in .MP4 format, which is playable on most mobile devices (including iPhones & Android phones). In the rare event the video doesn’t play on your computer, try downloading the K-lite codec package, which has pretty much every codec for viewing any video type.

What format are the ebooks in?

All ebooks come in .zip files which contain .pdf, .epub, and .mobi. These formats are viewable on computers, mobile devices, phones, and tablets!

Why buy these videos when you have other videos for free?

I get this question often, and it’s a fair one. These videos are more focused than many of my free poker videos. My free videos present a lot of content, but it’s not nearly as organized and concise as it is in these videos. These videos get right into a concept and ensure you walk away more knowledgeable at the end of a viewing. That’s not to say that my free videos aren’t high quality, but you’d have to spend more time watching them to get as well-rounded a view of a particular concept.

Why buy these videos when I can buy a training membership for $XX/month?

Very similar to the last answer is the organization, quality, and conciseness of the material. Sure you can pay $30/month for a ton of videos that would necessitate you watch 7 hours worth of videos to figure out what you could have in one of my 45 minute videos. Poker is all about making the most +EV decisions possible, and in life you have to factor the value of your time into that equation!

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