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Combo Blocker At Poker Table

Blockers In Poker: How They Work In 2021

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The concept of blockers in poker has been around for a while but, until recently, it’s one that has been far more stressed in Omaha games. Lately, however, we’re seeing the concept applied more in Texas Hold’em as well. While the value of blockers may not be as high in Hold’em as it is in Omaha, they’re still well worth considering as a part of a greater overall gameplan.

Poker Board & Blocker
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Poker Combos & Blockers 101

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One of the most important intermediate skills a player can have is the ability use combos and blockers at the poker table. These technical skills require nothing more than a little counting (if you can handle 4+12, you’ll be fine!), but they can help you find so many extra bluffs and thinner value bets in every session you play.

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How To Play Top Pair Against Draws

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This hand is from 5NL, 6Max on PokerStars Zoom. Hero raises UTG, ends up getting a call and another call. They go three-way to it. Hero flops TPTK, c-bets, faces a raise, and here we are.

Everything leading up to this point looked totally fine, totally standard. At this point, we have a very important decision to make, and that decision is essentially, do we want to commit our stack or do we not want to commit our stack?

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