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The Best Way To Study Poker

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Today’s question comes from King. He says: “Hello. I really liked your “Ask SplitSuit a Question” videos and got really interested in working off the tables. I liked your example with hand reading and writing down ranges, but could you give more examples of things we can study? Thanks!”

So, King, before we get started, good for you for taking the off-table stuff seriously, because this is the only way you’re going to become a top-level player, is by studying and taking that off-table time as seriously as possible, so good for you.

As far as other things that we can be studying, I’m going to give you the one big thing that I think most people could do, wouldn’t take too long and would start seeing results much, much quicker if they started implementing this into their off-table study.

Assuming that you already have the fundamentals down, you already know the poker math, you’re getting good with your hand reading, you have those fundamental poker concepts down, the next big thing you want to start doing is expanding your brain. Your poker brain is a muscle and it needs to be exercised and this training or thing you could do off the table is going to be huge for that.

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