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Limping Behind Preflop

Overlimping: When & How To Limp Behind Preflop

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Overlimping, or limping behind, is the act of choosing to limp AFTER one (or more) players have already limped preflop. Not to be confused with open-limping (being the first person to enter a pot preflop by limping in), overlimping can have some serious advantages when done properly.

And while aggression in poker has increased exponentially over the years which has led many players to think that raising/isolating limpers is always better – there are plenty of spots where overlimping proves to be a MORE profitable approach.

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Is Open-Limping Ever A Good Play?

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Today’s question comes from Justin V. He says:

“Generally, it seems bad to open-limp and limp weak hands like suited kings and suited queens, especially small suited aces, in a very early position. What about extremely passive 1/2 NLHE live games with calling stations? Should one adjust, ‘making a mistake’ to exploit the tendencies of bad players? Thanks.”

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