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Ranging And OOP Play (by: MpimpjuiceM)

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I am going to talk about two things that I feel go hand in hand with each other but are very different when you talk about poker strategy individually.

First off I’m going to talk about Ranges, and more importantly learning to Range. As a live player turned internet player, I’ve had to learn what everyone was talking about when they assign villain a certain “Range”. It was a term that I had never used before in my poker playing because in live play (I was a very feel based player, and relied on body language of opponents to help me make decisions) you see and have a feel for what players are doing, but in internet poker you don’t have that luxury. I quickly realized putting opponents on ranges was extremely important and crucial in maintaining a solid win rate. So you must make a decision, based on how the hand is played by your opponent, on which likely hands your opponents have: PP, SC, Broadways, etc…, and then you simply make a plan depending on how your hand stacks up against your opponents range.

The second thing I’m going to talk about is a subject that I’ve had some problems with as a poker player: Learning to get comfortable when playing Out Of Position (OOP). When I started playing poker I never thought about position and it’s relevance in a hand or the outcome. I was more along the “I have a good hand I’ll bet/raise” or “I don’t have a hand I’ll just check/fold”. Position and understanding position can make your Win Rate (WR) soar. We all know that being in position and acting after everyone is a huge advantage, but what about those hands where you have a hand, but don’t have the initiative, or the luxury of knowing what your opponent(s) are going to do since you have to act first. I used to be truly uncomfortable being OOP, but now no longer feel like I am costing myself money when I call a raise from the blinds or get called by someone in Late Position (LP)

So let’s begin:

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